4 Easy Summer Drinks



Today has been such a hot day I decided to make some refreshing drinks. I figured I could post them up on the blog to give you guys a few ideas of summer refreshments. They are the easiest and the quickest thing to do, so don’t worry about spending to much time on them if you’re in a hurry. I don’t put sugar in any of these, I find it much more refreshing, but if you have a sweet tooth, add a spoon of sugar to your mixture and that’ll do the trick!

Lime and Mint


What you need:

  • Lime or Lemon (I used lime)
  • Mint
  • Sparkling Water

Crush the lint leaves in a separate bowl to release the flavour. Dilute them in water and filter the bits of leaves. Press half a lime or lemon and add it to your glass. Fill up the rest with sparkling water (you can use lemonade if you like it sweeter) and decorate with a few mint leaves.


Berry Cherry 


What you need:

  • An infusion (I used Lov Organic Wild Berry Fruit Tea)
  • Cherries (or any berries for that matter)
  • Plain Water

With the Lov Organic one, you can infuse it hot or cold, but if you are using one that is only infusing hot, no worries, I have a trick. Boil a little amount of water, and let your bag infuse for a little while. Once its very concentrated, dilute it with ice cubes and cold water and tadaaaaa! You have an iced infusion! Now add some fruits to give it a little more taste and life is complete!


Cinnamon, Peach and Apple


What you need:

  • An apple and cinnamon infusion (I used a french brand Elephant but you can use any spiced apple infusion for the UK)
  • A peach
  • Water

Like for the previous one, infuse your tea bag in a small quantity of water leave it to infuse while you peal  and chop your peach. Mix your infusion to water and ice, add your pieces of fruits.


Pink Lemonade 


What you need:

  • Sparkling water
  • A grapefruit

Press your grapefruit (one can do at least two glasses) and pour it into your cup(s). Add the sparkling water and a little sugar if the grapefruit is too bitter. Easy peasy grapefruit squeezy!


Now don’t forget, It’s really hot, so drink up!


x Marie x


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