A Day at the Beach

What’s a summer holiday if there is no beach involved?? Exactly, nothing! So I figured an article on a day at the beach was a must. My essential question before heading to dreamland is, What Do I Bring With Me? While the beach is a stress free zone, I am crazy about not forgetting anything, so here is a list that might inspire you with what to put in your beach bag before heading for a swim!

Oh and just for the pleasure, a few snaps from the boat!


Now, let’s talk business, what’s in my bag?

IMG_4971My bag is from Bagatelle France, I found it at my local market in a little town in Burgundy. I checked it out, and they don’t sell them online. The best beach bags I ever found were always from local markets, so if you’re looking for one, start there before looking up online!

Basics like water, here VOSS, and tissues, Kleenex has an adorable summer collection, are not so glamorous but quite essential for a day in the sun!

IMG_4978A day at the beach means protection, I do not want to end up like a lobster, bad, bad plan!

Face cream: Avène, a french pharmaceutical brand that I’ve been using for two years now. they have different levels of protection, I use and SPF 30. You can probably buy it online, but you local drugstore is likely to have it. Here is a link to their website where they help you locate all their stores whatever country you are in!

Lips: My lips get very dry in summer, and the sun is definitely not helping. Last year, I started using Labello and it really helped, plus it smells really good! ☺️ Here again, you can find it online or through their website (it will give you links where to buy them), but also in your local drugstores.

Body: My favourite ever! The L’Oréal Sublime Sun, it smells divine, protects really well (as long as you are consistent with the application) and really does not prevent you from taking (but it does avoid the lobster looks). You can find it in your supermarket or through L’Oréal‘s website here!

IMG_4976Protect your eyes with style! One of my favourite pairs is one you have previously seen on the blog. They are from Ralph Lauren (Ralph by Ralph Lauren (Ref: RA5181)) but you can find similar ones here, here, here, here, or here!

IMG_4979My pareo is from Greece and I bought it when I was around 8 years old… But they are the easiest thing to find in local shops near the beach or if you’re in Paris, at one of my favorite shops where I bought a few others: Simrane.

My towel is an original Fouta, they are originally from the South of France and available in so many colours, it’s so hard to choose! Mine is yellow, quite appropriate for a sunny day! You can find them in stores in the South of France for the original brand or here, and here for other brands. Others like Roxy also launched a collection, so really they aren’t that hard to get your hands on!

IMG_4984If on the way back my suit is still wet, I like to be able to change, so I always have a spare one in my bag! Mine is from a previous collection of Princesse Tam-Tam, but you can have a look at this year’s here!

My hat, it can be quite useful to sleep or read, but in case of wind, it’s quite a hassle, but god I love a nice beach hat! This one is from Asos, but they are quite easy to find, you can even find custom ones on Etsy.

IMG_4989My flip-flops have been Havainas for years now and they are the most comfortable ones on the market! I have a few pairs, and like switching. Their collection evolves each year and their is always a model for everyone!

And last but not least, some reading! Here The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E.Lockhart. You can find my full summer reading lists in French here, and in English here!


Although grandpa is not impressed, I am so ready for that day at the beach! Oh and here my swimsuit is again from Princesse Tam-Tam!

Hope you enjoy your summer as much as I do,


x Marie x


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