Diner at Le Paradis du Fruit

Hey my lovelies!

So last night I went to a restaurant I hadn’t been to for quite some time now, and I rediscovered their menu. Needless to say, it was a good surprise!

I went the Le Paradis du Fruit in Montparnasse, but there are quite a few around the city!

I love the concept and the food is pretty healthy, you can even get light options for the ones being careful!

Click here for the menu!


Love that design!
The ambiance is really nice, cozy and casual!



Our choices: Verger Paradis (yellow) and La Vie en Rose (red)


Both of us took the Paradis Terrestre option, which gave us the opportunity to try three different dishes and a side.

Top plate:

  • N°5: Tortilla Maison, Pomme de Terre et Parmesan (Homemade Tortilla, with Potatoes and Parmesan)
  • N°10: Crevette Sautés Coriandre Fraiche (Fried Shrimps with Fresh Coriander)
  • N°15: Pita Toastée, Saumon Fumé, Cream Cheese et Aneth (Toasted Pita Bred with Smoaked Salmon, Cream Cheese and Dill)
  • Side: Legumes Vapeur (Steamed Vegetables)

Bottom Plate:

  • N°5: Tortilla Maison, Pomme de Terre et Parmesan (Homemade Tortilla, with Potatoes and Parmesan)
  • N°9: Brochettes de Saumon Mariné (Marinated Salmon Skewer)
  • N°19: Gaspacho
  • Side: Riz Exotique (Exotic Rice)



As they got mixed up with our sides, this was my actual plate!


To finish in beauty, we chose the Thé Gourmand à la Menthe, and those miniature deserts were pretty darn good! Best way to finish!

If you’re ever around, here is their website, no need to book in advance, and the best thing, they deliver!!!

Website: http://www.leparadisdufruit.fr

Address I went to: 21 Boulevard Edgar Quinet, 75014 Paris


x Marie x


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